Grand Hotel Tremezzo


A Liberty palace immersed in an enchanting secular park, Grand Hotel Tremezzo is one of the most beautiful luxury hotels of Lake Como, a unique location with a breathtaking view on Lake Como and Bellagio.

Here the panoramic view of Bellagio and Grigne Mountains is enchanting and unique, as the hotel is located on the lake shore. Grand Hotel Tremezzo is located on the shores of Lake Como, in the most beautiful point, exactly in front of Bellagio, where the two branches of Lake Como meets with the pink silhouette of Grigne Mountains in the background.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo is immersed in an amazing and blooming secular park of 20,000 smq, which surrounds Palace buildings and Villa Emilia entirely; in the park you can find the Flower Pool, the tennis red clay court and the Panoramic path.

The mild climate of the Riviera will let you walk along park paths to the Belvedere that leads to Villa Carlotta garden, the aristocrat neighbor. Azaleas, tulips, geraniums, rhododendron bushes and hortensia create breathtaking panoramic views on the lake.

We recommend you to have a walk in the park: a perfect exercise for the morning work-out or a relaxing way to breath fresh air among the intense nuances of the surrounding landscape.

T-SPA of Grand Hotel Tremezzo

The refined T-SPA of Grand Hotel Tremezzo has a wonderful panoramic view of Lake Como.

Enter T-SPA and the pools facing the lake, connected by a suggestive arch. The first pool is situated in front of the lake, as you could enjoy a swim there; the second one, more intimate and inside the T SPA was build in a sort of artificial cave.

Private T Spa is available for romantic and exigent guests who can reserve T Spa after the opening time: in front of you the lake, around you nobody…

In the quietness of T-SPA you can relax in the Jacuzzis located in the external part of the center or in front of the lake, or in the relaxation area: different types of Whirlpools, water cascade and water jets from the bottom of the pool.

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